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cats on earth

Friday, December 24, 2010

it happens

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

brel wins again

If we only have love

Then tomorrow will dawn

And the days of our years

Will rise on that morn

If we only have love

To embrace without fears

We will kiss with our eyes

We will sleep without tears

If we only have love

With our arms open wide

Then the young and the old

Will stand at our side

If we only have love

Love that's falling like rain

Then the parched desert earth

Will grow green again

If we only have love

For the hymn that we shout

For the song that we sing

Then we'll have a way out

If we only have love

We can reach those in pain

We can heal all our wounds

We can use our own names

If we only have love

We can melt all the guns

And then give the new world

To our daughters and sons

If we only have love

Then Jerusalem stands

And then death has no shadow

There are no foreign lands

If we only have love

We will never bow down

We'll be tall as the pines

Neither heroes nor clowns

If we only have love

Then we'll only be men

And we'll drink from the Grail

To be born once again

Then with nothing at all

But the little we are

We'll have conquered all time

All space, the sun, and the stars

Sunday, November 7, 2010


there is no escape from the event
no exit from the mansion
this game room choking with imbeciles

my place of honor at the banquet table is empty

i eat scraps with the servants in the kitchen
i raise my glass to them
and fill their glass's

was i expected to dine with a man who shot gazelles from a jeep
was i to make small talk and carouse
to recite inspirational quotes and cheerful anecdotes
surrounded by the most wondrous strange and elegant of beast's

and mounted

at my right whole families of giraffe
at my left zebra's
all theses morbid wax idols
eternally grazing

would i say to my courteous kind host with his desert brandy and cigars

what bravery what ingenuity
how were you abel to stalk capture and kill this family of zebra
cunning and elusive as fox's
or this family of giraffe more fierce and deadly than a whole pride of lions
and here these foul gazelles
well by god you have eradicated the scourge of the earth
and single handedly prevented a second advent of the black death

now all you raise your glass's

to the great hunter may he kill everything of tranquil beauty
blessed be he our very own anti noah

but this is fantasy

i will take my place at the mongoloids table
and gorge myself with duck and spirits

and late in the night
with a dead great horned owl after kissing its lacquered beak
i will sleep under the billiard table

Friday, November 5, 2010

rooster rage

i remember werner hertzog talking about his fear of the chicken because of its "profound stupidity"

i wondered to myself if the rooster crowed in the morning because it was startled by the sun and was so profoundly stupid that it had forgotten this each sunrise now that i live next to one i realize this is not the case it crows all day and all night just because of this profound stupidity

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


simply the best i could live off these if only they made food like this

Monday, October 11, 2010

blog blog

it has been too long
have endured many rooms a half room and two platforms
looking forward to a semi furnished room in Mexico
am contemplating embracing Veganism blog says this aint a word
too much Tao Lin
his writing is very white in a Satie sort of way blog says this aint a word either
wondering if i will ever make an album available in a physical form
am very much in love with someone